Gypsy Bangle Stack from smashed knitting needles - Lavender Purple and Silver Boho Gypsy Jewelry

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Once upon a time these were vintage knitting needles just sitting around in grandma's closet waiting for a life. Now they are reborn as boho gypsy bangle bracelets that jingle all the way. My bangle stacks are all metal bracelets that I smash beat and rework to give then that Boho look with splashes of colour.

SPECS on this Stack

Pale Purple Lavender with silver includes two smashed knitting needle bracelets, both with smashed button tips. ALL handworked textured and hammered, then secured with silver and rivets, no glue is ever used.

In addition to the two smashed knitting needle bracelets, there are 10 spacer bangles in aluminum and steel. Each spacer is altered thru smashing, hand-texturing, and adding patinas.
Each stack is OOAK, no two are exactly alike. You get all item shown here in the photos, 12 bangles total. Signed by the artist.

COLORS: Lavender Purple, Silver and Gunmetal
NUMBER of bangles- 12
SIZE: Small to Medium. The bangles in this stack are between 2.5" and 2.75" diameter  

Please measure the inside diameter of a bangle that fits OVER YOUR HAND to find your size. (NOT your wrist size)

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